A Pop in Choral Music

The 7th period Choir practices before the Thursday night performance.

by Eduardo Calderon|Staff Writer

Next week on Thursday and Friday, the Johnson choir will be hosting their annual Pop Show.

“On the 17th and 18th of May, the choir will be performing at 7pm at the Johnson auditorium,” junior Arlyssa Carvazos said.

The whole Johnson choir will be performing at Pop Show.

“All of the Johnson choir will perform and assorted choir members will be performing solo acts,” junior Erik Ghent said.

Pop show has a different musical style than a choir concert.

“Pop show features pop music, while choir concert has choral music,” Ghent said, “There are a lot of 70’s and 80’s pieces.  Like men’s choir is doing the Beach Boys and Encore is doing The Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

The performance aspect changes during Pop Show from other concerts, as there are many hit songs to dance along to.

“We do modern songs and we dance to them,” Carvazos said, “We’ll be performing ‘Vogue’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’, and ‘Sway’.”

Many choir students enjoy the taste of music that Pop Show allows them to perform.

“We get to showcase how we sing normal music instead of just choral music,” Ghent said.

The Johnson Pop Show features great hits, with a small price.

“The show usually runs for about two hours, and it’s just a five dollar fee to get in,” Carvazos said.

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