Summer activities that won’t break the bank

by Victoria Vogler | News and Assignments Editor

Summer is just around the corner, plans are being made, and one of the major decisions for activities is price. And for those of us without jobs, it can be expensive. So for your use, here’s a list of cheap things you can do with your friends this summer.

Frozen Yogurt

With a large variety of fro-yo options around San Antonio, it’s not hard to find one. The great thing about options like Aspen Leaf, Yogurt Zone and Orange Leaf is they are priced by weight, which allows you to decide how much or how little you want to pay.

“I love Aspen Leaf. It’s definitely one of my favorite places to hang at,” junior Chad Wagner said.

Frozen Yogurt is a sweet and (relatively) healthy way to spend time with friends this summer, and one of the best options for those one a budget.

Shopping (Sort of)

While it may not be thought of as a very “cheap” way to spend your time, window shopping can be a fun way to spend time with friends and just talk. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then don’t spend any money. Or if you don’t have large amounts of self-control floating around, bring a friend who does.

“My favorite thing to do over the summer is window shop. I love just walking around and talking with my friends, picking out things to buy when my mom is with me, so I don’t have to pay,” junior Dalia Nevarez said with a laugh.


Always a favorite in south Texas, it’s really kind of an obvious choice, but most neighborhoods have a community pool, or find a friend who has one, and make a day of it. There’s tons of games to play (who doesn’t love marco polo?) and things to do (hello, perfecting that tan!) to turn a day at the pool into a day of memories.

“I like that my neighborhood has a pool, it makes it a lot nicer on a hot day,” Nevarez said. “Plus, our life guards are pretty cute, so thats always a bonus!”


Ah, the memories! Who didn’t love the park as a kid? Channel your inner six year old and grab a bunch of friends and find a park to swing, slide and run your worries away, and make your day as interesting as they were way back when.

“The park is awesome! I love swinging because it makes me feel like a kid again, and its not almost my senior year,” Wagner said.

With these ideas, a handful of friends, and only a few dollars, your summer can be one to remember, without braking the bank.


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