Johnson’s theatre takes on Shakespeare once again this October.

By Alexa Rosas| Staff Writer

A Midsummer’s Night Dream,” is one of William Shakespeare’s early comedies. Starting Oct.11, and continuing to Oct. 14, Johnson’s theatre will be bringing Shakespeare’s work of art to life, starting at seven in the evening.

“The rehearsals have already started for the first few scenes,” sophomore Ximena Alvarez said.

The Johnson theatre cast is working up to opening night, so that they might do this classical Shakespearian comedy justice.

“We practice from the end of school until seven, and rehearsals closer to the date of the performances can be up to eight hours long,” Alvarez said, “ The length doesn’t bother me since it all pays off when it comes to the performances.”

This comedy involves the intermingling of three couples who wander off into the woods, ending up at the wrong place, at the wrong time. There are cat fights, magic, and, of course, there is Shakespeare’s infamous sense of humor.

“I think people will like it, because it is one of Shakespeare’s funniest plays,” junior Kate Martin, who plays Pease Blossom, said.

Though the costumes for this play remain a mystery, viewers should expect drama.

“We haven’t actually seen the costumes yet, but I know that the wedding party has really big, really froofy dresses,” Kate Martin said.

The set should resemble a forest fit for fairy royalty.

“There are a lot of canopies with a lot of height variations for the fairies,” Kate Martin said.

The theatre department hopes to outdo their past performances like LuAnn Hampton Laverty Oberlander, and Hamlet.

“I am very excited about this performance,” Alvarez said.




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