New fall shows hit the airwaves this week

The Office hits CBS for their last and final season on television.


by Darius Davila | staff writer

This fall some of students’ favorite TV shows will return with a new season, and students are expressing their excitement.

The Walking Dead season three premieres in October, and it’s like my favorite TV show. It’s really awesome,” sophomore Jack Jackson said, “It’s just a whole bunch of people being all beast and killing stuff. This upcoming season they find a sort of civilization compound instead of them just being on their own.”

The Walking Dead premiers on Sunday, Oct.14 on AMC. The series is a sort of post-apocalyptic series about a group of people trying to survive against “walkers” or, in essence, zombies.

Another series that will be returning to television in the fall is the comedy Key and Peel, which premiers on Wednesday, Sept. 26 on Comedy Central.

“The show is a comedy sketch series, and one of the guys does a great Obama impersonation. The show was able to score a second season because the first one was funny enough, so that’s a good sign. It’s hilarious and there is no real storyline to it. Each episode has a different plot,” sophomore Zach Holmes said.

On Thursday, Sept. 20 the ninth and final season of the highly acclaimed TV show, The Office, will premier on NBC.

“The show is kinda dragging along now that the character Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) is gone, so it’s probably a good idea they’re bringing it to a close. It’s just so weird and awkward now and some stuff isn’t even funny. The show seems to have no direction,” junior Gary Kostik said. “The old main character, Michael Scott, left because his girlfriend who also worked in the office wanted to move back with her parents, and so Michael Scott moved with her because he wanted to marry her. They have tried to replace him several times but none of the replacements stuck, when Steve Carell was there the show was at it’s best and really successful, the earlier episodes were the best.”

There are several shows that TV viewers may be interested in catching.

Follow for more TV news/ CBS premiers The Big Bang Theory (Sep. 27, 8 pm), Two and a Half Men (Sep. 27, 8:30 pm), and NCIS  (Sep. 25, 8 pm)

Fox premieres New Girl (Sep. 25, 8 pm), The Simpsons ( Sep. 30,8 pm), Family Guy (Sep. 30, 9pm)

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