Jaguars look to serve up wins

by Justin Martinez | Sports Writer

The tennis season is in full swing and the jaguars are off to a 2-1 district start. The team hopes to continue their streak against Madison next tuesday.

“It’s going pretty good,” sophomore tennis player Austin Cueva said. “We’ve played well so far.”

In addition, freshman Chu Yang Guan spoke about the chemistry between her and her teammates.

“They’re all really nice we have no problems between each other and that’s good,” Guan said.

Tennis’ season hits the nets soon, and the team looks optimistic.

Although there were some players to graduate, Coach Sean Reno compared this years team to last years.

“We’re much younger this year. I’m not interested in how old they are but how hard they work.” Reno said.

The team is sitting will play Madison next week after a tough loss to Madison. The jaguars have acknowledged the certain parts of their game that need improvement.

“I need to stay positive throughout the whole match no matter what,” Senior Rachel Thorpe said.

Even when taking this into consideration, the Jags still hold high hopes and expectations when it comes to their goals in district.

“Our goal is definitely to win it. I think that we’re in it if we play smart.” Cueva said.

Right now the team is lined up for the 3rd seed in the tournament and is still in contention for the 1st seed.

“They’ve got as much fight as any team I’ve ever coached,” Reno said. “Right now they’re fulfilling every expectation.”


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