What’s ‘app’ with the update: iOS6 hits the interwebs

By Ivey McDaniel | Arts and Entertainment Editor

iPhone users got a pleasant surprise this week when Apple launched their newest software update iOS 6. Honestly isn’t this just Apple’s way of neutralizing the bad rep the iPhone 5 is getting? I thought this one was suppose to have holographs, time travel, and mind reading capabilities? No? Just a bigger screen? Maybe my attitude stems from jealousy, because if I get an iPhone 5, it’ll probably be when they’re shooting them out of t-shirt cannons at sports games because the 6th generation is coming out. Or maybe, it’s anger at the idea that everything is obsolete. What’s the point in investing your money in something when the next best thing is just a short time away? So hesitantly, I downloaded the new update.

iOs 6 does’t cost you anything, just about 20 minutes of your time, if you choose to trust that the “Terms and Conditions” aren’t turning you into a human sacrifice and press “agree”.

Not only is the IPhone 5 out but the iOS6 update as well, It just might take a little of time and patience.

Youtube: I noticed when I went for my daily “Gangnam Style” view, was that the Youtube app was missing. Now there’s a new free app to download for your video viewing pleasure which has a new layout and permits you to watch VEVO music videos.

Passbooks: Be a hipster at Starbucks when the barista scans your phone to tap into your gift card balance. Passbooks allow you to access boarding passes, tickets, store gift cards, and coupons on you phone without carrying around cards and paperwork.

Maps: “Google maps is the best. True dat, double true.” Andy and Chris will be disappointed to know the Google maps is now gone, replaced by just “Maps”. However, I won’t be missing the app, because this new one has some pretty awesome features that include turn by turn navigation, live traffic updates, 3D view, and drop pin. Drop pin is a neat little feature that allows you to drag a “pin” to a location on the map. The app will automatically recognize the address and allows you to send it to friends or bookmark it.

Siri: I have had a love-hate relationship with Siri. I’d ask her to call me “Freedom Sanchez” and she’d tell me I had no contacts under that name. I would ask her to search on safari “the constitution” and she’d type in “the constipation”. So, I fired her. I turned her off and forgot about my troublesome secretary. But, I might have to have a call back. Siri now has the ability to open apps, post status updates, and can read movie reviews.

Do not disturb: This is a new feature under settings that doesn’t allow incoming calls, text messages, and emails during certain parts of the day. This could be especially useful during the school because I tend to get distracted by messages.

Messages: The Emoji Gods have spoken. Let”s just say I was a little more than extatic when I found out the update brought new Emojis. To join the ranks are a plethora of cat graphics (YES!), new emotions, and lifelike animals.

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