by Madelyn Carter| Staff writer

Senior year brings more than just a diploma, a transcript, or a baby out of wedlock-if that’s your style. No, the last year of high school creates a different wavelength in the brain, one that is fearless, but in an overconfident way, not a heroic one. Something happened once we seniors stepped on campus August 27th, that sparked an entitled mentality for unceasing respect from the entire population of campus.

Definition-“Seinya”-a twelfth grade student who is too lazy to pronounce hard consonance sounds.

Not seeing what I mean? Well, I yelled “Get outta my way, seinya (prounouced seen-ya) comin’ through,” and “No time for chit chat, gotta get class,” to a crowded hall on the second day of school. It echoed off the walls of the foyer, and I was unashamed, though it was counter-productive, causing children to slow down, turn around, look, and whisper about the crazy chaco-wearing girl wailing right behind them…but that’s besides the point.

Senioritis is an obvious side-effect of senior year, slacking on school work because the derivative of y=1/x +3 becomes drastically unattractive once transcripts are sent off. But this presumptuous mentality that comes from senior year is off of that track. It comes from three years of listening to the rules, staying on the right side of the halls, and trying to be normal in a sea of over 2000. Then finally, in that fourth year, we realize that this is it, and if we want to dress up as sister wives for twin day, gosh darn it we are going do it with a smile on our faces and our ankles conservatively covered!

So if you are a senior, embrace this senior mentality, and if you still have more years of high school left, (*snicker snicker*), we may seem cocky, but respect your elders, you’ll succumb to our mental affliction once you make it there.

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About The Author

Madelyn Carter is senior at Johnson High School. She is a part of the varsity soccer team, Jags for Jesus, and senior class officers. She loves Jesus, America, Kristen Wiig, and German chocolate cake. She loves being Editor-in-chief of the Pride online!

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