Early release day comes out of the blue

Early release schedule for Wednesday the 14th.

Sabrina Williams|Staff Writer

It’s a welcome relief for teachers who have long envied the early release days at the middle schools and elementary schools as all NEISD high schools will have their only early release next  week.

“I think it’s kind of weird,” sophomore Sonya Methias said. “But it is kind of cool because, I guess, we can get some last minute cramming in before our PSATs.”

However, this wasn’t the intention of the early release day. According to principal Mehlbrech, it’s a staff development day, which gives the teachers an opportunity to plan or meet with parents if they need to.

“This is actually the first time the district has allowed all of the high schools to have early release,” .Mehlbrech said. “They picked it purposefully halfway through the first semester.”

And for anyone wondering, it had nothing to do with PSATs; the two days just coincidently fell right beside each other.

“The PSAT days were determined after the early release day was picked,” Mr.Mehlbrech said. “It just happened that way.”

Below is the official schedule for early release day and PSAT testing.

Period Time Length Notes/Lunches
1 8:45-9:35 50 min.
Passing Period 9:35-9:40 5 min.
2 9:40-10:35 55 min. +Announcements &Attendance
Passing Period 10:35-10:40 5 min.
3 10:40-11:30 50 min.
Passing Period 11:30-11:35 5 min.
4 11:35-12:25 50 min. A Lunch
Passing Period 12:25-12:30 5 min.
5 12:30-1:20 50 min. B Lunch
Passing Period 1:20-1:25 5 min.
6 1:25-2:05 40 min. C Lunch


Period Time Length Notes/Lunches
PSAT Testing/Senior Advisory 8:45-12:45 4 Hours Class is dismissed after all materials are turned in, so the bell may be held longer than expected. DO NOT DISMISS EARLY.
Passing Period 12:45-12:50 5 min.
4 12:50-1:20 30 min. A Lunch
Passing Period 1:20-1:25 5 min.
5 1:25-1:55 30 min. B Lunch
Passing Period 1:55-2:00 5 min.
6 2:00-2:30 30 min. C Lunch
Passing Period 2:30-2:35 5 min.
7 2:35-3:15 40 min.
Passing Period 3:15-3:20 5 min.
8 3:20-4:05 45 min.






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