RFID chips are most commonly used on cows to track their whereabouts. Yes, this is real life.

by Madelyn Carter| Editor-in-chief

Ever think the cop patrols in the parking lot are tough? Or the hall monitors during lunches are strict? Well count your blessings, Johnson, because at least we aren’t being tracked…for now.

“Tracked?” you’re asking, “Madelyn, how can they track us, we aren’t animals?” Oh sweet, innocent reader, it does seem far-fetched and atrocious but it will be happening just across town in the Northside Independent School District next year.

Mysanantonio.com explained that next year, all students of John Jay high school and Anson Jones middle school will have Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) chips on their ID cards. The district claims that these trackers will help improve safety by knowing the exact whereabouts of students and increase revenues by accurately counting attendance.

I’m sorry, I thought a school’s purpose was to further the education of young citizens, not to babysit them and know where they are at all times. Tracking how many girls cluster into the bathroom after 4th period lunch is something the administration just does not need to know.

It’s not like the district wants to track the students to make sure they are in class so that they can make better grades, they purely want to track students so that they can get more money from the government. How inspiring. It truly is animalistic; not caring about the bettering of their students, but how much they can get by forcing them to show up. And this is only the beginning. Once the school administrations realize that kids will be handing other students their IDs while they go to Sonic, will they make students swallow pills with trackers inside?

If the ‘experiment’ goes over well on these schools, NISD will surely expand the program to include all 112 of its schools. That’s nearly 100,000 students that will be tracked, monitored, ‘watched over’, by the administrations of their schools. And that’s just NISD.

As neighbors to this school district, it’s not out of reach to think that NEISD would be considering this approach to herding its cattle, sorry, I mean counting its students in a few years. I’m hoping NISD schools won’t take this overstep of their privacy lightly. And though I won’t be here if it every gets to Johnson, (lucky-ducks), I expect a full out rally for the upstanding of student’s constitutional right to not be tracked by their schools and essentially the government. I already have some great ideas for posters to protest with, (“Track Cows Not Kids!”).

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Madelyn Carter is senior at Johnson High School. She is a part of the varsity soccer team, Jags for Jesus, and senior class officers. She loves Jesus, America, Kristen Wiig, and German chocolate cake. She loves being Editor-in-chief of the Pride online!

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