Lights, camera, Film Club

Darius Davila | Staff Writer

Are you going to try this hot new club?

This year for the first time ever, Johnson has a video and film club geared toward theatre and technology students who can come together and share their talents through the art of film.

“I was approached by a student who said that he would like to create a Johnson film club combining theatre students with students who have taken film classes or tech classes,” club sponsor Amber Padilla said.

Padilla believes that the film club will be beneficial for students who are interested in pursuing film in the future.

“The club gives students a chance to show off their talents and skills, whether it be video editing, directing, or acting. “We will be competing in film competitions for students, our first one will be a city wide competition called ‘Can’t Beat Love.’ We also plan on entering a PSA and a foreign film,” Padilla said, “The winner’s work will be shown on the big screen at Northwest 14 Santikos theatre.”

Padilla plans on having a large amount of students joining the club so that the organization can compete in multiple competitions throughout the year.

“I would like to have a very large group of students involved in the club so that we are able to compete in all of the competitions i want us to participate in. The club is organized into two committees, one for video editing and the second for the acting side of the production,” Padilla said, “For every competition we enter there will be a lead director and lead actor, the club will be student run i’m just the sponsor.”



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