by Emily Moore | Co-Editor in Chief

People littered the streets downtown, hoping to scare and spread zombie fever into everyone.

Last night there was something slightly off about downtown. There were screams rolling down the streets, and huge crowds of people making their way towards the Alamo. In addition to the streets being unusually packed in freezing winds, the people themselves seemed off, darker, haunted even. They all appeared to be, yes, zombies. That’s right, Zombie Walk once again took over downtown San Antonio.

What started as a social experiment a few years back, has now transformed into a major hit for the city’s lovers of all things zombie. A free, family friendly event, the Zombie Walk had its biggest turnout ever last night, and is expected to grow more in the coming years as more people get word of it’s occurrence.

A simple walk from Hemisfair Park to the Alamo doesn’t seem like much, but when Halloween fever, spine chilling clown costumes, and an overall desire for over the top dramatics are added, the walk becomes so much more. It’s like an early Halloween treat that’s insidious to all of its participants, and like nothing else San Antonio has to offer. Yes, haunted houses are nice for a few screams and good times, but the Zombie Walk is a way to become a part of the action, and a reason for the screams.

Some costumes were more thought out and detail oriented than others, but everyone was welcome. Such characters as Batman, the Wolverine, Pyramid Head and Modern Warfare 3 villains caught the sickness last night, and strutted their stuff downtown.

This year, the Zombie Walk hit an all time high when it came to turn out.

Some costumes were very well thought out, and included some unique personalities.

The walk stretched from Hemisfair Park to the Alamo, and was packed the whole way.

Modern Warfare 3 characters were a popular theme at the Zombie Walk.

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