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As of October 1, senior Monique Ressel sent in seven college applications from

“I was accepted at Texas State University, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M,” Ressel said.

Apply Texas helps many students enter their choice of college in Texas, but with a little work.

“I applied online through Apply Texas with essays [included in the application],” Ressel said, “I wrote three different essays to each college.”

Students begin to receive college acceptance, worsening even the most mild cases of senioritis.

Although college helps to accomplish goals for students, the service comes at a price.

“Each [application] was average $75 a college,” Ressel said, “My cost was $800 in total for seven colleges applied to, and my SAT.”

Another important document critical to applications are resumes, which some students will be writing for the first time.

“There should be four categories: academic awards and honors, clubs and organizations, community service, and work experience,” counselor Shar Huffman said, “More information the better, if you don’t have a [category] don’t put it, but put the best [category] at the top.”

Student can also include letters of recommendation to show characteristics that are not evident in the application.

“Anything important that shows character strength not shown in applications should have letters of recommendation from the most appropriate [individual],” Huffman said.

Not each university may require letters of recommendation, while others may require specific teachers for such letters.

“Some schools require specific teachers [like math, science, or english, etc.], sometimes they are not needed, they can also be from a church group or a boss from work,” Huffman said, “[It should] emphasize [traits] worth emphasizing.”

Even though college seems far away, many admission centers are already accepting applications from seniors.

“It’s [important] to send applications in early if you know you’re not going to be automatically accepted,” Ressel said.

Applications should also be sent in early before a specific major is filled by all the students.

“Send applications earlier because colleges will fill up a degree, and students will have to do something else, [since you] won’t get the exact major,” senior Emily Baller said.

Some students apply to certain universities due to the values of the college.

“I applied to Texas A&M, UT, and Baylor, but I’m going to A&M,” Baller said, “I like a big campus, and I like all the traditions they have.”

Even though the applications and essays may never seem to end, once accepted student should participate in any event before entering the chosen university.

“Students should attend orientations, which most universities hold before the year begins, and any special camps for freshmen,” Huffman said.


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