by Sabrina Williams | Staff Writer

Johnson students now have to find a new place to get their morning brew. Cool Beans Coffee on Bulverde road is closing,and being replaced by Super Donuts. This means that years of Johnson tradition are going away forever. Teachers and students alike are mourning the loss.

Super Donuts took over Cool Beans, including its drive-through

“My students have brought me coffee from cool beans, and it was really good.” English teacher  Robin Belden said. “I’m addicted to skinny vanilla lattes, and there is no Starbucks around here, so it was really convenient for the students to bring me them.”

Belden’s family owns the Belden Auto Shop right next door to Cool Beans. After years of seeing it sitting in the corner, seeing it go is a sad and abrupt happening for them.  Belden knows the pain the family-owned business must have gone through. She was disappointed when she found out they were going out of business.

“We’re in small business too, so I hate to see any other small business struggling, or go out of business.” Mrs. Belden said.

However, not everybody is upset about Cool Beans being replaced. Junior Miranda Leihsing wasn’t even shocked when she found out they were leaving.

“Cool Beans was good, my brother worked there, so I was there a lot,” Leihsing said. “They didn’t have a lot of business, though.”

Living almost right beside the old establishment, Leihsing went to Cool Beans at least once every weekend. But she still likes donuts better.

“I liked it, it was really chill to be there.” Leihsing said. “But now we’re getting donuts!”


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Sabrina Williams is a junior and the Op-Ed editor for the Johnson Newspaper. This is her 2nd year in the class, and she loves it with all of her heart. She plans to go to Stanford and major in Finance. Because of her pursuance of this dream, she is typically described to have “no life”. She obsessively enjoys the musical stylings of The Script and almost any band that no one has ever heard of. Sabrina is an aggressive overachiever and should be approached with caution.

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  1. Hannah Witte

    Great article Sabrina!!
    I loved how you got a teacher’s view point and not just students. But i think it would have been a cool idea to get someone’s viewpoint who did not like Cool Beans.
    But overall Awesome job!


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