Johnson mock poll results differ from district

By Ivey McDaniel | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Last week, in honor of election day, NEISD hosted a Mock Exit Poll among its schools. In total, 31,012 votes were recorded from the district’s 42 elementary schools, 13 middle schools,and 7 high schools. Here are the results:

Obama has not just won in the 2012 Presidential election but as well with the NEISD student body.

Barack Obama/ Joe Biden (Democratic Party) 18,140 votes

Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan (Republican Party) 10,550 votes

Jill Stein/ Cheri Honkala (Green Party) 1,538 votes

Gary Johnson/ Jim Gray (Libertarian Party) 784 votes

Johnson’s exit poll, hosted by Mike Martin’s classes, the Conservative and Liberal clubs, and Unity Club, had Romney in a 87% lead.

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