Bradley Cooper finds his ‘Silver Linings’

by Sumner Strickland| Staff writer

Bradley Cooper is officially off of Hollywood’s black list and might even have a shot at an Oscar.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence team up for this dark comedy.

In Silver Linings Playbook, Pat, who is played by Bradley Cooper, is suffering from a severe bipolar disorder, has recently been released from an eight month stay in a mental hospital and is in distraught over his broken marriage; which ultimately caused him to go into psychiatric care along with a hefty restraining order from his unfaithful wife. One day, he is taken out by his mother and father (Jacki Weaver and Robert De Niro).While on his journey to better himself and get his marriage back on track, he meets Tiffany (played by Jennifer Lawrence) who is suffering from severe depression after her husband died. The two decide they will help each other, Tiffany will give Nicky (Pat’s Wife) a letter and Pat will dance in a competition with her that her late husband never did.

The movie could’ve been just another cheesy horrid lifetime movie with no humanity whatsoever, but that doesn’t happen here, in fact this is one of the best movies of all year. David O. Russell who directed The Fighter has proven that he has the chops to direct something dark that dares to be funny too. Bradley Cooper has totally redeemed himself as an actor and proven to everyone he’s worthy of an Oscar nomination, or even a win. Even Robert De Niro’s career is back on track after the painfully embarrassing “Focker” movies; proving he is once again one of the greatest around.

At times ‘Linings’ can be a bit annoying that the disorders are more in depth than they need to be, but it’s balanced in such a way where you really don’t notice it.

Through great performances by everyone and impeccable direction, Silver Linings Playbook has resurrected more than a few careers.

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