by Emily Moore | Co-Editor in Chief
Sitting at home, flipping through the seemingly never ended list of instant watch movies on Netflix, your cat purring softly against your leg, Instagram and Twitter notifications being your only connection to the outside world, and the sun faithfully setting once again in the background. Sound familiar? Then grab your keys, get off your couch and start driving. (Just be sure to bring Fluffy back some left-overs.)
The Salt Lick: Come early, park in the back and enjoy the show. Located in Driftwood, Texas (just on the outskirts of Austin,) the Salt Lickis definitely one to leave a day open for. Just say their name in the right crowd of native Texans, and you’ll be hearing stories about their perfected barbecue, beautiful location and not so pretty lines. Once a secret spot for only the most adventurous locals, the Salt Lick is now one of the busiest places to eat you’ll probably ever find. Don’t fret, it is more than worth the wait- and if you’re ever feeling antsy, just order to go, and eat it there.
*Dough: Hands down the most creative, most delicious, and most aesthetically pleasing pizza you will ever eat. The drive down Blanco Road isn’t too far, but according to the time on your wrist watch, the traffic may make it seem four times as long. Chef, and owner, Doug Horn has been certified by the Italian Government, not even kidding, and is the proud owner of both Dough and “Il Cuore,” his wood burning stove. Dough is as rich in history as it is in taste, and never runs out of either. The same, sadly, cannot be said about the mozzarella, so be sure you leave your house before your stomach starts growling. While yes, Dough’s food could quite easily speak for itself, it doesn’t have to. In addition to the always beautiful menu of pizzas, Dough offers Chef’s Tables, where you can view the food-making process first hand, house-made sorbettos and gelatos, a fresh herb garden, and more.[nggallery id=34]
*The Cove: Finally, a place for Vegans, Vegetarians, and stereotypical Texans to eat in peace. No, no, this isn’t a figment of your imagination. It’s located securely on Cypress road, right next to the cleaners and car wash that are always included in its description. Over the years, I have tried relentlessly to describe exactly what it is about the open, sunny atmosphere, cane sugar sodas, lamb burgers and fish tacos that keeps pulling me back. Yet, for some reason, I can never pin it down on one thing. The Cove is, and always will be, an enigma in the world of food, and I hope that never changes.

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Bobby J’s: Like burgers? You’ll love Bobby J. Just a quick drive down to Helotes, Bobby’s is anything but inconvenient. Located, literally, down the street from the always popular Texas concert hall, Floore’s Country Store, Bobby J’s also offers itself as another option for the hungry pre (or post) concert crowd.

*Featured on my family’s personal favorite television chef’s, Guy Fieri, show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. So, you know, it’s kind of a big deal.

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Emily Moore is currently a senior at Johnson High School, where she is the Editor In Chief of the Opinion section of My Jag News. She enjoys making science puns, and correcting people's grammar. You can usually find her screaming at reporters/ photographers in the Journalism lab, or doodling aquatic animals onto other people's property. She is obsessed with the color red, green tea ice cream, 'The League,' and anything to do with Emma Watson or Harrison Ford. Her main goals in life are to write for the New York Times, spend a summer in a foreign country and to rid the world of all its nonsense.

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