The gift of giving: students spread Christmas cheer

Claire Carter | Staff Writer
While some are out waiting in three hour lines for the perfect One Direction iPhone case that fits their personality so well, a selfless few find themselves thinking of others. This holiday season, fewer and fewer people will volunteer to wrap hundreds of presents for the less fortunate, go caroling to spread holiday cheer, or spend time with those who need a smile this December.

Opportunities to get involved are everywhere, especially during the holiday season. People of all ages are in need of care this December, and the elderly are a great place to start.

“I think when teenagers come in the residents feel good and it truly brightens their day. You guys remind them of their grandchildren,” head coordinator of the Regent Care Center Nursing

Students spend time with the elderly, playing bingo and making memories.

Home Kris Rock said. “They learn a lot from you and you guys learn from them, too. I think it’s a great experience to get involved in.”

Caroling, a traditional favorite, brings Christmas cheer to all. Whether the sound parallels Josh Groban or Rebecca Black, it’s the thought that counts.

“I volunteer at the San Antonio Zoo during the holiday season, and we dress up as elves and sing to the kids on the train that goes through the zoo.” Much like Buddy the Elf, sophomore Meghan Peltier claims, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

Sitting on Santa’s lap saying, “A pink pony, a puppy named Scooter, an endless supply of marshmallows,” seems insignificant, but for some, this chance means everything. Santa is a busy man, and some kids never get to tell the big guy all their wishes.

“I volunteered with Air Life Santa at  North Central Baptist Hospital,” sophomore Caitlin Glenn said,  “And they flew Santa in on a helicopter so the kids at the hospital could take pictures with him and experience Christmas how all kids get too.”

No matter what the contribution, volunteer work makes an impact. And no matter what time of year it is, needs are everywhere. Although the ‘Christmas spirit’ phenomenon is misunderstood, one thing is certain: the selfless attitude is contagious.

“People are just generally in a more giving spirit during Christmas and it’s just the best time of the year and we welcome them here into the home because the residents just love to see volunteers wanting to help out,” Kris Rock said.

Volunteering isn’t limited to the Christmas season. For volunteer opportunities in San Antonio visit:


Students spread Christmas cheer by playing bingo with the elderly at the Regent Care Center Nursing Home.
Students play countless rounds of bingo with the elderly and compete for the ultimate prize: bragging rights.
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