Students get a little breathing room in course card selection process

by Sabrina Williams | staff writer

Hensley Cone, Assistant Principal of Curriculum.

Students may remember filling out registration forms last school year before they could get all the confetti from New Years out of their hair. However, this go around the Johnson administration staff have decided to give students a couple more months to determine what classes to take the next school year.

“Instead of having to hurry up and pick their courses only halfway through the year, they can make better decisions on what courses they want to pick the next year.” Dr.Hensley Cone, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, said. “This way, they get a better feel of the classes they’re already in and aren’t so frantic to pick the next one.”

This year, the administration is pushing the decision date all the way back to the spring, during late March or April. Why they have never done this before was a matter of practicality.

“In previous years, we did registration earlier so that we could get a firm number on student requests to match with faculty members teaching each subject.” Cone said.

Even so, they have a good reason to hold course selections at such an unpleasantly early date. Because of the state of the economy in the past few years, the federal and state-level government had to lower spending, more specifically education. But thankfully, the economy is recovering enough now that the school doesn’t have to make any more painful decisions.

“If you remember, all over the news for the past 4 or 5 years, there were all these talks of cutting the budget, cuts that affected us, the school.” Cone said. “So we had to know way ahead of time what your requests were so that we knew, in turn, what courses and teachers we could keep.”

Here’s a link to available courses in NEISD

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