Team focused on the future despite injuries, issues

by Justin Martinez | staff writer

The varsity boys basketball team burst out of the locker room and are prepared to win another game. The players are suited up, but senior Kevin Coleman is not on the court. He’s on the bench helping coach the team.

Coleman was a key contributor to the Johnson Jaguars varsity basketball team. The 6’5 power forward was on varsity last year as well and he had plenty of potential for a breakout season. However, he was sidelined due to an untimely sports injury.

“The doctor says I tore my ACL and meniscus. I’m going to have to get surgery in two weeks and I won’t be able to play basketball for about four months so my season is over,” Coleman said.

Sports injuries can happen at any time during the offseason, practice, and even in the middle of a game. Injuries are a common risk that players take every time they lace up and get on the court. A player never knows which game could be their last.

“I got injured during the Wagner game in November and I haven’t been able to play since then. It happens so fast and injuries like that can come at anytime. That’s just the risk you take when you play sports though,” Coleman said.

With the season over for him, Coleman has decided that it would be in his best interests to quit the basketball team and focus on his academic responsibilities instead.

“I had a good a good season last year and the coaching staff was great. The only thing that’s  really keeping me off the court is my injury. But that’s fine, I still have school to focus on and hopefully the team will be okay without me,” Coleman said.

Although Coleman is a tough loss for the basketball team, the Jags still have expectations and goals for the season that need to be fulfilled. The team currently has a record of 7-17 and is 0-3 in district. Obviously the injuries have played a major role in their poor record, but in the end, with or without Coleman, the team still has to go out and play their best.

“We can’t just wonder what our record would be like if we had everyone healthy. We have to work with what we have and go into every game with completely focused. My guys already have a lot on their mind and the last thing we want to have to worry about is who isn’t lacing up,” varsity Coach Jay Keller said.

In addition to Coleman’s injury, the men’s varsity team has lost another member due to injury so far this season. Senior Luke Wilshire has been in and out of the lineup due to medical issues as well and hasn’t played most of the games. Even though Wilshire has already verbally committed to the University of Texas San Antonio, that doesn’t mean that he wants to sit out games instead of being out on the court right now with the rest of his teammates.

“Basketball is something I love to do and I want to be on the court whenever I can. As soon as I can play, I will,” Wilshire said.

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