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What is better than the opening of a tasty, close food source to break the monotony of routine? Well, those who dwell in the areas surrounding 1604 and 281 are in luck. Beloved chains such as Schlotzsky’s Deli and My Fit Foods are moving in, as well as chains less common to the area, including Raising Cane’s Chicken Tenders and The Mellow Mushroom.

“I think it’s pretty cool that these new places are opening because you can have newer places to go instead of all of the other normal things around here,” junior Diana Gaston said.

On Stone Oak Parkway the popular chicken finger hot spot, Raising Cane’s, is opening.

“I love me some chicken. I’ve never heard of Raising Cane’s, but I’m sure it’s good,” junior Chase Allen said.

My Fit Foods is opening  on 281. This restaurant sells pre-packaged, portion controlled and healthy meals, and caters to the busy lifestyle. But the good intentions behind this store is not appreciated by everybody.

We are all familiar with this chain sandwich shop and now we have one nearby!

“I like sitting on my couch all day and My Fit Foods is the dumbest concept,” Allen said, “Why would I have to get up from my couch and get food that is healthy, I mean isn’t the point of food to make you fat?”

Schlotzsky’s, for when you just want a good sandwich, on-the-go, is now located on Fossil Ridge next to the Baskin Robin’s.

“I’d say Schlotzsky’s is my favorite of these new restaurants. I really like their bread, especially the rye,” Gaston said.

Then there are the more enthusiastic of the Schlotzsky’s fans, who restlessly await the opening of this fast food favorite.

“I try to eat there as much as possible, because my stomach is never satisfied with anything else,” Allen said, “I also love Schlotzsky’s because their cheese makes me feel warm. I would really love to just buy their cheese.”

The Mellow Mushroom is a recently open pizza place that is worth a try, located o

n 1604 near Stone Oak. But this restaurant doesn’t appeal to everyone.

“The name ‘Mellow Mushroom’ is pretty weird, so I’m not sure that I’ll try it,” said Gaston.

Then,you have the more adventurous who simply ignore the name and can’t wait to try this new pizza parlor.

“I will try the Mellow Mushroom any day,” said Allen, “The Mellow Mushroom seems pretty psychedelic, but I’m hoping that they’ll get some stronger mushrooms.”

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