A classy way to spend the weekend-a night at the symphony

by Madelyn Carter| co Editor-in-chief

While it may seem popular in this day-in-age to be “swagged-out,” “fly” or “fresh,”  ladies and gentlemen, ‘class’ never goes out of style, and class is what the San Antonio Symphony is all about.
This past Saturday, the SA Symphony played their “POPS Goes To the Movies” concert in the Majestic theatre, playing movie scores from classic films; past and present. Led by the founder of the Cleveland Institute of Music, Carl Topilow, the symphony began with A Hollywood Salute, fitting 18 bits of film scores into three and a half minutes. The rest of the first half of the performance were the themes from Rocky, Psycho, The Wizard of Oz, James Bond, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Empire Strikes Back, and Superman.

Carl Topilow led the San Antonio orchestra for their POPS concert.

Before each new song, Topilow inserted witty remarks in his descriptions of each new piece; he had the audience in a fit of laughter when he let another conductor dressed as Darth Vader come and conduct for the Empire Strikes Back, and returned afterwards in a Superman suit.
After intermission, our Symphony played more themes from Chicago, The Godfather, Colonel Bogey March, (click here to listen to it, you’ll recognize it), E.T., Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Titanic, and The Pirates of the Caribbean.
Now, I know a trip to the symphony doesn’t sound like a normal ‘typical teen’ thing to do on the weekends, but it was actually very entertaining and an exciting change from another trip to the Alamo Draft House, or to the couch to watch Netflix. Yes, I may have been one of the youngest audience members, (besides the elementary school class that was there on a field trip), but is that such a terrible thing?  You aren’t living if you haven’t enjoyed a nice John Williams piece with hundreds of 50-60 year olds. Not to mention, our San Antonio Symphony is dang good- and the tickets aren’t out of reach for teenagers to buy for you can get balcony seats for only $10. Class that cheap is hard to pass up, my friends.

The San Antonio Symphony concert dates can be found here.

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