The Alley Cats join the ranks of Johnson clubs

by Lexi Rosas|staff writer

Bowling Club ‘works it’ for their first yearbook group photo.

As of this year, Johnson High School has been gifted with a new, entertaining club- the Bowling Club. Started by sophomore Rachel Gawlik, in hope of sprucing up future college resumes and bringing some fun to Johnson, she hopes to leave her mark on her school.

“I wanted to get more involved in school and Johnson didn’t seem to have any purely enjoyable clubs like the bowling club,” Gawlik said.

Many of the affiliations at Johnson are geared towards charity work and activities that make for a nice college application, so this simple club is like a vacation for many dedicated students.

“I think the Bowling club is the best club at this school,” Gawlik said, “It is a good, fun addition to mainly serious clubs at Johnson.”

Every other Wednesday the group gathers for a couple hours of fun, food, and bowling.

“The meetings are really laid back,” said sophomore and head social officer Taylor Cantu, “We get to kick back, bowl, and just have a good time.”

This merry organization is a good way to escape the stress of school and fulfil a big appetite.

“I look forward to the days that we go to The Main Event. They are super fun, because I am a good bowler and I really, really like to eat pizza,” Cantu said.

This group is idyllic for a bowling crew. With the mix of easy going an entertaining personalities joy is not hard to find.

“I love the group,” Cantu said, “The fun and funny personalities really do make for a the perfect bowling environment.”

Currently the guild is all fun and games, but soon the officers hope to add a flare of competition.

“In the near future we hope to be involved in many bowling competitions,” Cantu says.

Gawlik has high aspirations for her creation and knows that in the future holds many new members and excitement.

“I know this club will grow and I really hope that my sister will take good care of it when I graduate,” Gawlik said.

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