Table for one, please: where to eat while single on Valentine’s

by Emily Moore| co Editor-in- Chief

If you’re like me and plan on spending Valentine’s Day waist-deep in blankets, thumbing through Star Wars cards, ripping the tentacles off of gummy octopi while drooling over Jon Hamm in a marathon of Mad Men, than this list of The Top Ten Valentine’s Restaurants for Single People is just for you. Why bother leaving the house when you can just order in?

Mad Men, featuring hunks Jon Hamm and John Slattery, is a perfect way to drift into an imaginary world where romance, chocolate hearts and Valentine’s Day don’t exist. Grab your cat and press play.

Bon Appetite.

No. 5- Jason’s Deli. Kill your misery with carbs and load up on a sandwich the size of your face. Don’t forget the palm-sized cookie for desert.

No. 4- Little Caesar’s. It’s perfect because there’s nothing romantic about a huge, greasy slice of pie; and a large is only five bucks.

No.3- Buffalo Wild Wings. Nothing better to get your mind off of Valentine’s Day like a nice, juicy pair of hot wings.

No. 2- China Garden. Well prepared, speedy service and lots of options. Perfect for pampering yourself all night long.

No. 1- Sushi Zushi. Hey, make it all about you and get exactly what you want from their extensive menu and customizable options. Bonus: you don’t have to impress anyone with your chopstick skills.

Plus, restaurants that offer curbside pickup for those brave souls willing to face the outside world.

Chuy’s: Mexican food done up right. A plethora of choices, sauces and salsas to choose from to keep you happy.

Chili’s: Simple, affordable, comfort food for when you need something more than just delivery. Call ahead, waltz in and return to the security of your own home.

EZ’s: Delivery pizza not enough for you? Need a shake with that? EZ’s has you covered. With a menu that ranges from pizza and calzones to grilled rosemary chicken, there is something for every lonely heart.

Armed with these trusty ideas for solo indulgences, grab the next disk of your guilty pleasure and watch as your fear and loathing of Valentine’s Day melts away.


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