Nyquil and Netflix: movies prove a perfect cure

by Emily Moore | co Editor-in-Chief

When you’re sick, regardless of how many disgusting germs you would be sharing, you don’t want to be alone. So, instead of giving your entire family the flu, grab your cat and watch some fims.

Being downtrodden, and infected with a ferocious case of both strep and senioritis, I retired to my bed, snuggled up with half a bottle of cough syrup, and logged onto Netflix. What I found were the best, and the cheesiest, rom-com movies a sick girl could ask for. So, the next time you, or your heart, feels a fever coming on, grab a box of Thin Mints, a couple of tissues, and enjoy.

The Decoy Bride: When a wickedly talented, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous Hollywood starlet is on the track to get married, she runs into a common problem- the paparazzi. Desperate to have her wedding day go off without a hitch, our protagonist’s agent hires a local Scottish girl to play the decoy bride. Full of plot twists, guidebooks, and lovely Scottish accents, The Decoy Bride is the best medicine.

Beauty and the Briefcase: Remember Hilary Duff? Me too. She finally makes a comeback to the screen in this modern-day twist on a not-so-old movie. Full of Legally Blonde inspirations, Beauty and the Briefcase is the tale of Lane Daniels, (Duff) an aspiring fashion journalist with only one deadline in sight- Cosmopolitan. Through a series of lucky interviews and meetings, endless dates, and finally, the right guy, Daniels gets everything she could have ever wanted.

The Graduate: Think the feel of Risky Business, but with Dustin Hoffman playing Tom Cruise, and no pink button up and white sock ensemble. The Graduate is a wonderfully risque coming-of-age tale about a boy who just wants to get away from the pressure of it all. Fresh home from winning a big scholarly award, Benjamin (Hoffman) cannot enter a conversation without being asked about the future. Ironically enough, what his future really entails is his father’s business partner’s wife; and later on, her daughter.

Sweet Home Alabama: Hands down, my favorite romance movie of all time. Starring the ever lovely Reese Witherspoon, and the stud of a man Josh Lucas, Sweet Home Alabama is a story of a up-and-coming fashion designer Melanie Smooter (Witherspoon) who cannot seem to leave the past behind her. Recently engaged to Grey’s Anatomy’s own McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey, who in the movie plays New York’s own senator, Smooter seems to have her life figured out. Yet, when she travels down south to hometown Alabama her world, and her heart, get flipped upside down.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Another great dance movie. Starring the young, but still beautiful, Sarah Jessica Parker as the talented, and passionately dedicated, Janie who wants nothing more than to be on Chicago’s own Dance Tv. Girls Just Want To Have Fun, much like the song, is an instant classic and is a ton of fun. Plus, co-star Lee Montgomery has a great butt.

Clueless: As if! Everytime I watch this movie, it gets better. Alicia Silverstone plays Cher, your not-so-typical California blonde who just wants to her world to remain the way it is. Yet, she finds this hard to do when Tai, (Brittney Murphy) the new girl in school, is in desperate need of a makeover. Clueless tells of Tai’s rise to the top, and Cher’s attempt to stay happy, well-clothed, and ultimately, clueless.

Runaway Bride:If there ever was a made-up Hollywood couple better than Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, I haven’t seen it. Runaway Bride is the story of Maggie Carpenter (Roberts), a bride who’s ran out on seven weddings, and Ike Graham (Gere) who gets assigned to put her story into a column; even though his main repertoire is to write diatribes about women. With a hilariously accurate soundtrack, wonderful dialogue and concept, Runaway Bride is a fantastically produced rom-com with a predictable, but still marvelous, ending in which Roberts realizes she truly cannot run from Gere.

Romantics Anonymous: I love this movie. It’s fantastic. The plot line builds subtly as it goes along, and the dialogue captures the essence of the characters point on. It’s also has everything a great movie should have; chocolate, romance, and a foreign language. Romantics Anonymous is the bittersweet story of two people with very closeted anxiety disorders, which are addressed extremely well. Main characters, Angelique and Jean-Rene, are torn apart by their inner battles and turmoils, but are eventually drawn together by their love for chocolate, and ultimately, their love for each other.


The lovely Audrey Hepburn, and the nameless cat, are the main stars in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s: The quintessential movie lover’s movie. The undeniably perfect Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly, an aspiring fortune hunter with a gorgeous apartment, who finds herself caught off guard by the atypical Paul Varjak, who is a writer without a fortune. Breakfast At Tiffany’s is quite possibly Hepburn’s greatest film; or at least the one with the best accessories, and the cutest cat.

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