by Sumner Strickland | Staff Writer

As the Oscar caliber movies are officially over it’s now just a sad sight for all to see.

 Identity Thief:

This sad attempt to remake the road trip comedy looks like a rehashing of “Midnight Run” from the eighties, starring Robert De Niro, in which a bounty hunter tries to find a man for a fifty thousand dollar reward. If you take that and add some updated pop culture references and a few funny sequences of physical comedy- you got yourself a movie. Unfortunately for all the people with a brain still in tact, this just won’t do.

 Warm Bodies:

Jonathon Levine the director of 50/50 (a movie that’s actually noteworthy) has really sold his quirky comedic style for profit in what some say is a new twist, but honestly if you can’t see the end coming a mile away then you don’t need to be watching movies. But Jonathon Levine could’ve  pulled through his comedic genius, but the chances of that seem rather slim. So I’ll be missing this one.

Side Effects:

There’s always some light at the end of this tunnel we call springtime movies, and that can be found in “Side Effects”. Steven Soderbergh has gone on record saying this could quite possibly be his last movie, while in the past his movies have been kind of hit and miss for me, this seems like a good one to end his career on.

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