Living in San Antonio town my whole life, I feel the rodeo is just a natural part of being a Texan. Although some may view this timeless festivity as uncivilized, the rodeo celebrates aspiring agriculturalists and provides a friendly environment for all ages.

Mutton Bustin’: By far the greatest part of the rodeo experience is watching six year olds ride on the backs of sheep and perform victory dances after their eight seconds of glory. Little girls and boys ages three to six suit up in cowboy boots and flannel button downs to be apart of funniest event of the night. The crowd roars when the victor receives a shiny belt buckle and kisses Miss Rodeo, their cheeks red with embarrassment.

The 8 Second Ride: Whether it’s broncos or bulls, cowboys hang on with one hand tightly clutched to a rope around the frustrated beast. This event is the most stressful for the audience because after the buzzer sounds and the dedicated cowboy is flung off, everyone sits at the edge of their seat-waiting for the animal to exit the grounds, or make a charge at the brave soul.

Calf Scramble: This hectic event features eager teenagers running around the grounds trying to tackle a calf and pull them across the finish line. These stubborn prizes always put up a fight, but there was a scare when a calf sat on top of a girl’s face, causing her temporary suffocation. The winner of this event receives a scholarship from H-E-B and a life’s worth of bragging rights.

Barrel Racing: The ladies time to shine rolls around when three Whataburger barrels are strategically placed on the grounds, also known as barrel racing. Cowgirls ride their horses in a tight turn around each barrel, making sure they don’t knock one over. The fastest to make it through this obstacle wins the event, and takes a victory lap in conclusion.

Follow Up Concert: A post-rodeo concert features various chart topping artists, whether country, pop, or even the Christian genres. Casting Crowns, a Christian group, played the night I went to the rodeo. The sounds and lights were a fabulous conclusion to the evening, and the crowd sang along to worship songs with lyrics shown on the big screen. Whoever the musical guest may be, the follow up concert at the San Antonio rodeo has always been a crowd-pleaser.

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Claire Carter is the Editor-In-Chief of the Pride. This is her third year on the newspaper staff. She is involved in Johnson PALS, Jags for Jesus, Key Club, and Cross Country. She enjoys the musical stylings of Needtobreathe, Beyonce, and the soft yodels of Lexi Rosas' cat.

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