YouTube vids that are sure to please

by Claire Carter | Staff Writer

Scrolling through YouTube in my free time, or what I think is my free time, I’ve come across a few videos that have kept me laughing for days. These internet sensations have millions of hits, and have earned their stardom through Facebook shares and daily conversations. An inspired few have made their own remakes of the videos below, but I’ve chosen my favorites to share. Enjoy!

Harlem Shake We’ve all seen these before… an opening shot of one singular lunatic showing off their moves for 15 seconds before a crowd of crazies join in on the fun. While this concept is intended to celebrate the unique dance moves of the 21st century, some extremes have outshined the fun. And although many videos feature naked men thrusting themselves against stuffed animals. You do not have to be in the nude to make a proper Harlem Shake video. Our very own varsity boys’ soccer team performed a lovely rendition of this popular trend. Featuring a peppy grandmother in the beginning, the appropriateness of this video is worthy of applause.

Gallon Smashing This act of taking two gallons of milk and throwing them on the ground at a grocery store at the expense of innocent passerbys, while hilarious, is just plain rude. Similar to the ‘fire in the hole’ idea at drive thru restaurants, the temporary laughs are made at the expense of innocent workers. Gallon smashing entails the assistance of the helpful few who perceive this incidence as an unlucky fall at the grocery story rather than the careless prank it is. Gallon smashing is pretty hilarious, but I’d stay away from the refrigerated section to avoid the hot mess.

Taylor Swift (Goat Edition)‘I’m lyin’ on the cold hard ground’ as I recommend this video to anyone who has access to the computer and the internet. Taylor Swifts’ infamous “AHHHH” is replaced with a screaming goat in this remixed music video, guaranteeing a good laugh and at no one’s expense. This video is original and hilarious, praising goats and creative minds around the world.

Hair Tutorial Mishap “Hold your hair for 20 seconds… or longer” says the 13 year old aspiring cosmetologist- before her hair burnt off. Tori Locklear just wanted to sit down to her webcam and inspire the world in the name of fashion and hair trends. But instead, she’s given a good laugh to all through her reaction to burning hair and failed attempts at a hair tutorial. Her video has over 19 million hits, and with an appearance on Ellen, she is sure to reach total stardom in no time.

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