by Emily Moore | co-Editor in Chief

Hardberger Park is known for its beauty, and attempts to conserve local nature.

Since we all belong to the granola, tie-die, is that organic?, was that grown locally? mindset; parks and outdoor recreation sites have grown in popularity all over the country; including right here in San Antonio. While, yes, McAlister Park, San Pedro Park, Brackenridge Park and Hemisfair Park are all gorgeous in their own rights; there is not another that so wholly encompasses the needs of the modern family, student, dog enthusiast or just all-around outdoorsmen like Hardberger Park.

Personally, I prescribe to a daily dose of fresh air, adorable puppies and lengthy hiking trails. Yet, that isn’t even all Hardberger has to offer. The top 10 qualities of the park are as follows:

1. An easy, healthy, local alternative to the evil corporate feel of a chain gym.

2. Beautiful wildflowers, huge trees and a vast expanse of wildlife.

3. Family-run classes on-site, such as Spring Migration on March 2, and Not So Creepy Critters on March 23.

One of the many off-the-beaten-path trails that encompass the underground hiking community of Hardberger Park.

4. Secret trails if you’re willing to search.

5. Seasonal and educational walks with UTSA professors, experts or just plain volunteers.

6. Dinosaur George. This guy is a legend. (Well, kind of.) Bring the kids, and learn all sorts of trivia, facts and overall info on these prehistoric creatures.

7. Geocaching. For those of you interested in this up-and-coming trend, I am pleased to inform you that I have personally gone on successful hunts for geocaches in the park.

8. There’s always something to do. Whether it’s playing with pups at the dog park, swinging on the kids only playground, or walking off that super-sized side of fries; there is never a dull moment at Hardberger.

9. There are historical remnants in the area from the days of Max and Minnie Voelcker’s dairy farm; which now serves as the namesake for the park’s longest trail- Voelcker trail.

10. It’s local. Located just off of Blanco road, just a few streets down from Churchill, Hardberger Park is open from sunrise to sunset, and is always within reach.


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Emily Moore is currently a senior at Johnson High School, where she is the Editor In Chief of the Opinion section of My Jag News. She enjoys making science puns, and correcting people's grammar. You can usually find her screaming at reporters/ photographers in the Journalism lab, or doodling aquatic animals onto other people's property. She is obsessed with the color red, green tea ice cream, 'The League,' and anything to do with Emma Watson or Harrison Ford. Her main goals in life are to write for the New York Times, spend a summer in a foreign country and to rid the world of all its nonsense.

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