An AP escape with a dual reward

Eduardo Calderon|News Editor

 AP exams have haunted students since their first step in any Advanced Placement course, however there may be an escape from these end of the year exams.

“Students enrolled in AP courses will take the AP exam at the end of the year,” Dual Credit counselor Rebecca Hudkins said, “Potential college credit is available depending on the university.”

Enrolling in an AP class under a Dual Credit status may result in a greater possibility of obtaining college credit.

“Students enrolled in Dual Credit courses earn a college transcript from San Antonio colleges along with their high school transcripts,” Hudkins said. “It’s considered guaranteed college credit since it involve a [hard copy] of a college credit.”

Students enrolled in an AP class may share the same subject, teacher, or class period with students enrolled in  Dual Credit class.

“The workload is about the same, the only thing different is the restrictions on dual credit,” senior Christopher Brierly said.

AP courses do not require a minimum grade to earn college credit or remain in the class, only a minimum score on the AP exam to earn college credit.

“Students still have to earn a 70 or better during the first semester to pass the course at that time,” Hudkins said, “But after the first semester, they must earn a 75 or better to remain in the course.”

Even though students will not have to take the AP exam, dual credit is not for everyone.

“It depends on the student. If they’re absent a lot then they shouldn’t take dual credit, but if they dedicate their time then dual credit is right for them,” Brierly said.

Teachers will end up with more work than dual credit students.

“Besides uploading grades the normal way, teachers also have to upload grades on the Alamo Colleges website,” Hudkins said.

The choice between dual credit and AP may be decided on where the students want to go to school.

“Dual credit is a guaranteed credit for most Texas public schools, but it will not work in colleges [out of state],” Hudkins said, “An AP credit can work in Texas or any other state, [but it is not guaranteed].”

Signing up for dual credit can be a lengthy process, so students should take advantage of all the deadlines.

“The dual credit handbook becomes available in November in the counseling office, but it is posted online electronically,” Hudkins said, “Students should pay attention to the deadlines assigned.”

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