Junior Zachary Martin Funk used the displays at Northwoods to ask his date.

Prom – all about how to and not to ask your date

by Nicholas Casarez | Sports editor

Prom is coming up faster than most people realize. Many girls sit dateless, at home, baselessly wondering if anybody loves them while the guys sit at home frantically trying to figure out how to ask those same girls to prom. So boys, it’s time to buck up and come up with something brilliant to get those girls off their couches and out buying dresses. Now we understand you’re going to need some help, so this is what NOT to do when asking your date to prom.

-Don’t get too lazy. No one wants to get the straight up “Will you go to prom with me?” You know who asks their dates like that? Losers. You don’t want to be a loser, so at least go as far to make a baked good or possibly a t-shirt with the message on it.

-Don’t get too crazy. Plenty of guys get caught up in trying to get the most epic way to ask their date to prom, that the scheme they end up devising is too complex and has so many holes that it can’t work.

-Don’t be a copycat. So you saw your friend or some guy asked a girl in an ingenious way, don’t steal it and make it your own. One, you’re not cool, and two, it’s just better to do something you yourself thought up. It’s more gratifying for you, and then you don’t run the risk of your idea theft being found out.

-Do not under any circumstances ask them to prom via text. Yes technology and texting are taking over, but this is one area that should remain sacred and not ruined.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, here are some of this year’s best examples of what you SHOULD do, from your very own Johnson students.

Junior Zachary Martin Funk went all out and when taking his soon-to-be prom date to the movies, he got the Northwoods movie theatre to okay him putting “Makaela Prom?” on one of the displays rather than a movie title.

Junior Zachary Martin Funk used the displays at Northwoods to ask his date.

Senior Kevin Coleman snuck into the girls soccer team’s bus, and put up a sign asking his date, senior Allie Gerner to prom.

Kevin Coleman asked his date after they won their soccer game by sneaking on the bus with a sign.

Junior Garrett Duncan’s plot was a little more time consuming. He put tape on his back making the word prom, and then laid out for a few hours until he could take the tape off to a nice “Prom” tanned into his shoulders to ask his girlfriend sophomore Rachel Gawlick.

Junior Garrett Duncan tans PROM? into his back as a creative way to ask his date.
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