Powder Puff: ladies get suited up for football

by Justin Martinez | sports writer

Juniors Alexa Ledesma and Jackie Hernandez get into the car and drive to the football game. Once they get there, instead of heading towards the bleachers with the rest of the girls, they go to the locker room and get suited up.

Next Saturday the Johnson Juniors and Senior girls will take the field, each one hoping to bring home the win.

Johnson High School is set to hold their annual Powder Puff football game on April 20th at 10 am. While the usual football game is played by males, the girls will be the ones suiting up and taking the field instead.

“It’s going to be fun to actually go to a football game and not have to sit there and watch it,” Ledesma said. “This is my first year doing the powder puff game and I’m looking forward to scoring some touchdowns. I can’t wait.”

The usual tradition for a powder puff game is that the males switch places with the females and become the cheerleaders. However, after last year’s game, the school has forbidden any male students from dressing up as cheerleaders due to their provocative behavior.

“We felt that the provocative dancing didn’t represent our school the way that it should be represented, and that’s why we will not take the risk of that happening during this year’s powder puff game,” sponsor Megan Stokes said.

Despite the school not allowing the boys to dress up as cheerleaders, the students of Johnson High School are still excited to go out and see this year’s powder puff football exhibition game.

“I’m definitely going to buy a ticket for the game,” senior Alex Olssen said. “I didn’t get to go to the game last year so I don’t want to miss it again. Its just interesting to see how good some of the girls are at football and I hope it’ll be a good game. It’s going to be fun.”

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