Students Vine their way to the top with a new addicting app

by Claire Carter | Staff Writer

As if Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter weren’t hard enough to balance with academics and extracurricular, an additional social network, Vine, is sure to push your bedtime back a few hours. Vine is a social network centered on six seconds of video, allowing likes, followers, and hashtags to run wild.

“I got a Vine because I’m a bandwagoner and all my friends had one. I make a vine like everyday and I just love how entertaining and funny it is,” sophomore Colette Pansini said. “It’s better than Instagram or Twitter because you can actually see what people are doing.”

Vine allows the capturing of the funniest and most embarrassing moments in life. Whether it be a jam sesh with your closest friends, or the time you got pushed into the pool by your sister, Vine is great for savoring the sweet memories.

“I think the funniest Vine I’ve seen would be my friend dressing up her cat and talking to it as if she was a colonial woman quoting ‘Bridesmaids,’” Pansini said.

Vine allows you to record a 6 second video gif. You can create short looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends to see. Its the best way to see and share life in motion.

Don’t fear fellow viners, it doesn’t require that much effort to post cinematic quality. A natural occurrence of hilarious activity worthy of capturing for the world to see will do just fine.

“I think it’s funny when people post really random things, like Fernando Cruz had put one up of him eating ice cream in his car, but since he was trying to Vine it at the same time his ice cream fell on his arm and it was so funny,” junior Chandler Mathis said. “I watched it probably like over 15 times.”

Students can agree that this newly popular app is close to perfection, but still has a few flaws. The app does not allow iPhone 4 and 5 users to film on the front camera. Viners also wish they could tag their friends in posts to help connect the social network better. But if the slogans were up to Johnson students to make, they’d be sure to hit top ten on the app store.

“If I could make a slogan for Vine it would be ‘Six seconds of paradise,’” Mathis said.

“If I could make a slogan for Vine it would be ‘Vine Your Way to the Top,’” freshman Hannah Stadler said.

“My slogan for Vine would be ‘You Can Vine at Anytime,’ but you actually shouldn’t because vining and driving is dangerous,” junior Aiden Carrasquel said.

While teens find themselves easily distracted with texting and taking selfies while driving, Vine has become another danger pulling kids in with the desire of likes and social network fame. Seeing as texting and driving is illegal in the state of Texas, Vining and driving, an even more distracting activity, is also against the law.

“My favorite thing about Vine is getting to watch everyone’s videos on a loop until someone in my family tells me to turn it off,” Stadler said.

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