Jags great success in the early years

By Canaan Freeman | sports writer

Johnson Girls Varsity heads to State this Friday and Saturday

As of late many people, mostly people outside of Johnson, have been criticizing the success of Johnson athletics. But when you look at the first five years that the school has been open, you can easily realize that the athletic program has had great success.

We just recently earned our first state champion in any sport when Raquel Grays won a gold in swimming at the state tournament. In the 2012-2013 school year alone has been arguably one of the best years thus far.

Golf has been on fire and just won regionals now heading on to state. Track this year is sending many runners to area looking to find themselves in the state meet soon enough. Wrestling got second in district this year which is the first time they haven’t got first in school history. Girls basketball got second in district as well sending them into the playoffs for a consecutive year.

The biggest story of this particular year has been the girls soccer team who just won regionals and now are playing in the state semifinal. The list goes on and on proving the success of Jaguars athletics.

Junior, Raquel Grays won Gold at State.

The first year was a struggle and the sports had not yet got into the swing of things. The first major thing that gave our sports program a name was during the 2010-2011 season when the girls soccer team took it all the way to state.

Then the year following that the girls volleyball team did the same thing going to state for volleyball. Football finally got into the mix in 2011-2012 and made the first playoff appearance in school history. Tennis swimming and track have all had their share of regional champions and some have gone as far as state.

Seeing the success in such a short time span can you imagine how dominant the program will be in the next five years. Only good things will result from the immediate success and they will end up being a force to be reckoned with in the district. The Jags fast start will help propel them in the future to become a power when it comes to athletics.

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