A Profession through a Trade: students focus on skills

by Eddie Calderon|News Editor

Choosing a profession is not a walk in a park, it’s a decision that takes time and commitment, but senior Arlyssa Cavazos has decided what her future holds.

“I chose something that I really wanted to do,” Cavazos said, “I chose to enter sign language because [I knew] it was something I would never get bored of.”

Inspiration for a profession can begin even before college, especially for Cavazos who entered into American Sign Language as a freshman in high school.

“Signing for deaf kids [convinced] me that sign language is my passion,” Cavazos said, “I enrolled in a pre-deaf education course at San Antonio Colleges so I can transfer over to Stephen F. Austin University.”

Vocational Schools Database is one of the many different websites to help you find a school that suits your trade.

This sort of course is considered a specialized program, meaning that it is geared towards a certain profession with classes associated with it.

“Specialized programs help you to know what you want to do and you won’t have to take classes that you don’t need,” senior Anissa Pena said.

Trade schools, schools that only specialize in a certain profession, are scattered throughout the country, with jobs that range from nurses to mechanics.

Trade schools can work around many student’s schedules, as well as offering many course online.

According to http://www.rwm.org/rwm/state/tex/city/san-antonio.html, Devry University, University of Phoenix, Animal Behavior College, and Western International University offer online services.  There are Devry University campuses in San Antonio as well.

Students can follow any career path in a trade school in the same amount of time as any other university.

“I was thinking about entering a trade school for mechanics that deals with elevators [and stuff] like that, and it’s a four year education like most colleges,” senior Gabe Timmons said.

Trade schools have advantages to them compared to other schools, but it still requires a tough decision.

“It’s a preference, but it is cheaper since a company sponsors the education for [possible] employees graduating the trade school,” Timmons said.

Although universities offer a prestigious degree, a profession is not always handed to a graduate with a diploma.

“Universities don’t guarantee a job, trade schools provide the skills needed to enter a job right away,” Timmons said.

Deciding on a profession is a long-term commitment, that demands a great deal of thought.

“Think of something you love to do and just go for it,” Cavazos said.

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