Project Grad: a night full of fun and games for the graduating class

Raphael Nigaglioni | Staff Writer

Project Grad is an event ran by the PTA. Taking place the night of graduation, parents have set up a well deserved reward for the graduating class. All seniors are welcome as long as they fill out the appropriate papers.

“Project Grad will be held at Dave & Buster’s from 10:30pm-5:00am. After graduation, students will return to Johnson and a bus will be taking the students to and from Dave & Buster’s. All students attending are asked to leave all bags at home, and to have their student ID’s on them when boarding the buses,” PTA volunteer Nancy Whitehead said.

Project Grad is right around the corner, but so is the deadline.

For those interested in attending Project Grad being held at Dave & Busters it will be on June 9 following the Graduation ceremony.

“The price will be $50 until May 15, after that, the fee will increase to $60, and we are pushing for a deadline of June 1. We will have parents in the cafeterias throughout May 14-15, supporting the event. We urge all students interested in going to sign up as soon as they can, we don’t want them to miss out,” Whitehead said.

All of the services Dave & Buster’s offer will be available to the seniors.

“There will be an unlimited dinner and snack buffet, all of games will be there, and it will also be closed to the public, so it will just be the graduating class together,” Whitehead said.

If you are in the graduating class, and you are interested, you can pick up registration forms in the front office, as well as register online.

“We have applications in the front office, and you can also register yourself online. If you do register online, you must print out your paper, because there is a parent consent form that needs to be signed. Students will meet up at Johnson, and buses will take them to Dave & Buster’s. The buses will leave around 10:30, with the latest bus leaving around 11:15,” Whitehead said.

Along with the students being welcome, parent chaperones are welcome as well.

“At the moment, we are asking for chaperones to stay with the students all night. We have a few, but the more the merrier. Parents who want to chaperone are always welcome,” Whitehead said.

Many students have already signed up, but with the amount of time left, many more are expected to.

“About 75 students have already payed in advance, but we are expecting a lot more to come. We passed out some fliers at the Senior Awards, so students who were not aware of the event will hopefully want to come as well,” Whitehead said.

A night of fun and hanging out with your graduating class, has really made seniors excited of the night to come.

“I want to go to Project Grad because I think it will be really fun. A couple of my friends will be going and it will be a great way to have some fun with my graduating class,” senior Nnamdi Okoro said.

Students who wish to go have to fill out all the paperwork and make sure they pay on time.

“Students can make checks out to the Johnson PTA. If mailing checks, please write “Project Grad 2013” on the envelope, and the address to send them to is P.O. Box 591374 San Antonio, Texas, 78259. There is also a drop off box at the front office where students can turn in checks and paperwork,” Whitehead said.

Project Grad is looked at as a reward rather than a usual “get together.”

“This is definitely a reward, a night exclusive to the Johnson seniors. This is a chance for them to have fun with their graduating class in a safe environment. We’re proud of them for coming this far,” Whitehead said while Okoro said. “I see Project Grad as a reward, this is probably one of the last chances to be with my graduating class and it seems like it’s going to be great.”



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