by Lexi Rosas|staff writer

Trends are styles that come to dominate retail for a short time, and are often gone before you can pull out your credit card. These fads typically go unmissed, but others cling to life like parasites.

Tight skirts- These stretchy, shorts skirts are often mistaken for the classic “Pencil Skirt,” but are anything but classic. On most these skirts are too short and too tight, which results in an uncomfortable and unflattering experience.

Vera Bradley- These pretty flowery printed bags have filled school hallways for years and years. When they first grew popular among teens, they brought cheer with their bold spring patterns, but now they have taken over and become a source of chaos through the abundance of different prints and colors.

High-Low skirts– “Well that’s a nice maxi skirt you’re wearing…oh, wait…”

Yes, these skirts started out as clever and cute, but as the trend developed they became far too extreme. These days the distance between high and low is actually more like mini skirt and cape.

Sock Buns- These tight and slicked backed buns should be reserved solely for ballerinas. They are too much for the average high school girl to handle. The size can never be right and they are often too ‘elegant’ for the halls of Johnson High School.

What was trending last year may not be in this year, sock buns have come and gone.

Lace- Nothing can be healthy when it is as abused as lace. Lace accents can add a cute, frilly, and delicate touch to many tops and dresses, but head-to-toe lace can turn anyone into a fashion pariah. Short, tight lace dresses or lace shorts, paired with a lace headband and a top with lace accents are outfits that are best forgotten in the back of closets or lost under beds. Remember: moderation is key in any healthy relationship.

It is important to remember that trends can be fun, but don’t be afraid to move on once they have faded.

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This is Lexi Rosas' third year on The My Jag News team. She is currently the Editor-In-Chief. Outside of newspaper she plays varsity tennis and spends time with her friends and Netflix. Lexi has no siblings, but does have one overweight cat, named Mushroom, who she would happily trade for a French Bulldog. In her free time, Lexi only drinks coffee .

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