Johnson students compete throughout summer break

by Mac Paquette | sports writer

Johnson students have many opportunities at keeping in shape during summer.  One of the ways of this is playing sports over the summer, which several Johnson students do for many different teams across San Antonio.

“I play softball during the summer so it can help me improve on my skills, and helps me so I don’t become rusty over the offseason,” sophomore Lindsey Angelico said.

While playing sports during the summer does not provide the same luxuries as playing for the school, like having to travel on your own and equipping yourself instead of the school doing so, it offers other opportunities for athletic achievement like playing in nationally recognized tournaments.

“I like playing in the tournaments over the summer because it gives me exposure for playing in college by having college coaches at the tournament watching me,” Angelico said.

As well as getting to travel and polish up on your athletic skills, there are other advantages to playing sports over the summer.

“I’ve met so many good friends while playing volleyball over the summer, all the traveling with the team offers time for a lot of bonding, as well as jokes and times I will never forget,” sophomore Brittany Muller said.

A common issue with all the free time during the summer is not knowing how to spend all the time given to students.  Playing sports during the summer takes away all the down time and also takes away all the time in which many students become lazy and inactive.

“Playing AAU basketball has given me many chances to improve my game and keep me active during the summer, which is a time where many people tend to just get lazy and relax,” sophomore Sean Moloney said.

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