Dont just spend your summer waiting for your friends to have free time, take the time to give back or work on your self.

by Claire Carter | Staff Writer

So you already went to camp, a church retreat, and your family vacation to Europe? And just in time for your friend’s month long absence from San Antonio? No worries, we’ve all been there. All your friends are gone, and you’ve read the entire Harry Potter series while sitting at home wondering if you should apply for a job as a sign spinner at the corner of Evans and Bulverde. Well I’ve cracked the code on summer fun, and here’s my guide to seizing the day without your besties.

Summer Reading Assignment Before you click off of this story, trust me, you do not want to be up at midnight the night before school starts cramming just in case you have a quiz on the first day. Get your reading done already so you can go on a fro-yo run without wondering just where ‘Enrique’s journey’ leads.

Hit the Gym As we all strive for the ultimate beach bod, sometimes the poolside snacks can stray us away from our goal. The simple solution: workout. Whether you’re into a cardio class or a 20 minute treadmill run, there are plenty of ways to get fit over summer and come back with the glowing smile of a bodybuilder.

Roll in the Dough If you find yourself at home indulging in How I Met Your Mother or a Lifetime movie filled with half-famous actors, it’s probably time to get a job. The Stone Oak area has plenty of opportunities for teens to make money, and soon those late nights on Netflix can turn into $8 an hour.

Get Inspired Time away from your friends is the best time to focus on you. Indulge in inspirational quotes, study up on the classes you’ll be taking in the fall, and get spiritual. Self-reflection can bring you peace even when you’re worried your friends won’t recognize you when they get back.

Reconnect Even if your close friends are gone, that doesn’t mean you instantly turn into a hermit. Call up the friend of yours who sat next to you in history all year, but you never got to really know. A time away from the few people you hang out with is the perfect opportunity to make new friends, and expand your circle of friends.

Give Back Volunteering can always fill up free time, and without your best friends you’ll be better able to focus on the needs of others. Whether it be a dog shelter or nursing home, people are always in need, regardless of the season.

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About The Author

Claire Carter is the Editor-In-Chief of the Pride. This is her third year on the newspaper staff. She is involved in Johnson PALS, Jags for Jesus, Key Club, and Cross Country. She enjoys the musical stylings of Needtobreathe, Beyonce, and the soft yodels of Lexi Rosas' cat.

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