Johnson band emerges with ‘Enigma’

by Jordan Herrera | Staff Writer

Thirteen hours a day, everyday, dedicated musicians exchanged flip-flops and freedom to fanny packs and a relentless blacktop. The Johnson band enters its sixth year of excellence and fierce performance.

“Enigmatic (this year’s show) is a story of a bunch of little things,” junior band student Ricky Gonzales said. “It covers a lot of different music from ballad stuff, to really fast music,and it’s been awesome. The show this year has been tough.” With tempos reaching into 200 bpm (band lingo for really fast) “It’s pushing all of us, but we love it and I think everyone else will, too,” Gonzales said.

Enigma, a word closely associated with enthusiasm and high energy, is thought of as something very different by our school’s award-winning band. This year’s theme, ‘Enigmatic’ features acrobatic talent and a fast pace routine.

 “I love band,” junior Maria Andrade said. “It seems to get better every year, and I can’t wait for things to really get going.”

The band has a lot planned for this years season, including a spot in the famous Rose Bowl Parade in California and various competitions all over Texas.

“I’m beyond stoked for this year, we’re doing so much and traveling to California with a great show, I know it’s just starting, but I can see a great year already,” junior Brian McLaurin said.

The excitement for the year is enormous, especially from the band’s seniors.

“I’m glad this is my last year, not because I’m ready to not be in band, but because of everything we’re doing and how far we’ve come, it’s great and we’ve gotten great together (as a band),” senior Taylor Oxley said.

“This year is definitely going to be one of our best, for the people involved in the program, and everyone who may watch.”

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