by Claire Carter | Editor-In-Chief

When I think about Whataburger, I think about their most loyal customer, the post-football game Johnson student who carries their spirit for their school over to a 4 piece chicken tender meal they consume as almost a ritual.

At every game, “Are you going to Whataburger?” is texted, tweeted and shouted by the rowdy fans all night long. This great escape fills empty stomachs and elevates social status for Jaguars at each visit.

The Johnson v. MacArthur fundraising showdown, “Bring the Heat” promised $1000 to the team who eats the most jalapenos in 60 seconds, and $500 to the school with the most fans. And although Mac took home both prizes, our school spirit shined throughout the night. With flags, chants, and flips, Johnson pride was overflowing, making us the real winners.

With revenge, our Johnson football team claimed our territory in the “Battle of the Blues” against MacArthur. Winning Freshman A and B games, both JV games, and the Varsity game at Comalander stadium racking up 2 lightning delays, the clear champion wore Columbia Blue.

The Good News is our football stats are impressive. With only two losses of five teams, our football program promises a great season. And with a student section getting rowdy rain or shine, Johnson pride is sure to become contagious this year.

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About The Author

Claire Carter is the Editor-In-Chief of the Pride. This is her third year on the newspaper staff. She is involved in Johnson PALS, Jags for Jesus, Key Club, and Cross Country. She enjoys the musical stylings of Needtobreathe, Beyonce, and the soft yodels of Lexi Rosas' cat.

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