A whole new ball game: New stadium rules have been put in place

By Matt McGouran and Justin Martinez | Staff Writers

Johnson football games are always a memorable experience for students and fans. And now that some new rules have been put in place, the experience can be more enjoyable and safer as well.

The fans will be able to step up their intensity with the introduction of noisemakers.
photo by Cassidy Curtis

It’s official, changes with Northeast athletics have placed new rules for those that will be attending Johnson Jaguar football games.

“We are going to allow noisemakers such as cowbells, clapper sticks(inflatable ones at spurs games) or clappers(plastic hands one),” AP Stuart Guthrie said.

Although this new rule is made to allow students to display their school spirit more, there are restrictions as to what kind of noisemakers will be allowed and when it is appropriate to use them.

“The cowbells, clappers, and clapper sticks are going to be allowed in district football games and you can’t bring any other type of noisemakers like horns, vuvuzelas, and things of that nature,” Guthrie said. “The permitted ones will be allowed for outdoor athletic events only so make sure you do not take noisemakers to indoor games like volleyball and basketball. You will be asked to leave the game if you bring noisemakers to indoor games.”

In addition to the noisemakers being allowed this season for outdoor district sporting events, northeast athletics has placed some other new rules and restrictions for Johnson football fans as well.

“Another new rule is that you won’t be allowed to take backpacks to football games. They will make you return to your car and leave it there. If you were dropped off, everything will be taken out and inspected. It will be fully searched and then you will have to leave it in the athletic office until the end of the game,” Guthrie said.

Like noisemakers, another reoccurring trend that students use to express their school spirit is body paint.

“Body paint is an interesting topic because there really isn’t an official rule about it. However, we do expect students to follow our school dress code while at the games in terms of body paint,” Guthrie said. “Tank tops are allowed since you’re not in school so you need to wear a shirt like a tank if you’re going to paint yourself for a game. You can’t just go without a shirt and paint yourself.”

Students are expected to follow these new rules and will be asked to leave the game if they fail to follow them. These rules aren’t permanent though and can change depending on the season.

“There may be changes on some of these rules before the spring season depending on how well the new rules go,” Guthrie said. “But until they’re changed, it would be wise to just follow these rules and stay out of trouble.”

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