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Heads bent down, staring intently at their phone screens, Johnson students find the way to their next class by memory or blind faith. Their eyes never leave the glowing screens. At first glance, this sea of phones doesn’t look like anything special, but after a double-take you’ll find that each cover says something special about it’s owner.

“You have to be a die hard Stitch fan to own a case like this, which I am,” Casas said, as he pulls out the massive Stitch that covers his phone from the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch.

Casas’ lifelong love for Stitch is perfectly displayed in his phone case.

“Stitch is just so cool. It’s always been my favorite movie,” Casas said, “So I’m really glad my friend got it for me. People may make fun of me, but I don’t really care. I really love it.”

Also, spotted in that sea of unique phone cases, is a Vera Bradley designer case.

“I don’t see it anywhere,” Katelyn Warren said. “Because it is a designer case, and I know a lot of people that don’t like Vera Bradley as much as they used to. I just think that the Bradley phase has passed.”

Like the Stitch case, Warren’s designer case fits her personality like a glove.

“It’s my favorite color, and I like the pattern. Even though it was expensive, I like Vera Bradley,” Warren said, “The cover protects my phone a lot better than my old cover.”

Phone cases are also a way to share you interest as well as your personality.

“It was made by my favorite band member, Oil Skyes, lead vocalist of ‘Bring Me The Horizon.'” Alysa Salayandia said.

The purple cat that encases her cell phone lets her interests show to fellow students.

“This case fits my style, because it has an edgy side to it and it’s a cat. I mean cats are so my style right now,” Salayandia said.

Phone case

Stitch phone case

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