‘The Walking Dead’ new season coming soon

By Amon Jackson | Staff Writer

Get ready Walking Dead fans because you favorite undead show is resurrecting this October. Season 3 was full of jaw dropping twist, unexpected deaths, and fans are wondering what could possibly

Returning for the 4th season are the characters Carl (second from left), Darryl (third from left), Hershel (7th from right), Rick(center) , Glen (fourth from right), and Michonne (second from right)

happen next.

Now for all you people who’ve been living under a rock for the past four years the Walking Dead is a dark comic book turned into a gory TV drama about survival, hope, and of course the undead.

This show has won countless Emmys and has millions of dedicated fans including Johnson students and teachers. If you’re into zombies and drama, this show is for you.

And some advice – if you’re going to watch this show and you’re new to it, you start from the beginning because you will be confused really fast. This show starts out with a police officer name Rick waking up in a hospital after being in a coma for two months not knowing that he’s woken up in a undead nightmare. It doesn’t take too long for him to actually figure out what’s become of the world.  He sees a dead woman – or at least he thinks she’s dead – crawling towards him with the lower half of her body ripped from her body. After that, Rick rushes home to find his family gone and all their photo albums and clothes and this gives Rick hope that they’re alive which starts his adventure to find them in this undead nightmare.

There’s only 3 completed seasons of this show so you have time to catch up till the fourth comes out, and if you think this show is just about the zombies and gore you’re dead wrong. One of the best things about this show is that it focuses more on the characters and how this apocalypse has changed them and their families. A woman could be a stay at home soccer mom one day and then cold blooded zombie killer the next. These characters go through so many emotions and conflicts it’s hard not to feel for them and all you want to do is see them make it through this zombie infested world.

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