Why Americans love the Brits

Kirsten Kraus | Staff Writer

Sprawled out on the couch, bowl of popcorn in hand, sophomore Alyssa Pena stares in awe as the reruns of Doctor Who flash across the screen of her laptop. She copes with the absence of new episodes by watching, and rewatching, episodes on Netflix, while she not so patiently awaits the season premiere of the show.

The Brits have given us countless reasons to adore them, but British television series, such as Doctor Who and Sherlock, have drawn millions of American fans.

“British people are nice, and they have an interesting culture. They have interesting TV shows that are not like American TV shows. They have reality shows, but they’re not as stupid as the ones we have. They have interesting sci-fi shows, like Doctor Who and a lovely show called Sherlock, and then you have Broadchurch with David Tennant. They are fantastic actors and super talented,” sophomore Alyssa Pena said.

The number of people watching these shows keeps growing, as well as their obsession for these newfound television series.

“Some of their TV shows are more realistic, and then theres some like Doctor Who, where they’re very focused on the sci-fi idea, and they don’t focus on the imperfections of society, but more on having fun,” sophomore Annie Archer said.

Along with their unique television shows, England has produced artists and bands who have changed the music industry.

“Britain has always had an interesting culture since the Beatles a while ago. A lot of fashion now as well as pop music is definitely influenced by British culture and their styles. A lot of the fashion trends right now are from England, about two years ago, and we are kinda just getting them now,” junior Jordan Herrera said

Teenage girls from all around America, and the world, have fallen in love the British boyband, One Direction. From posters and pillows plastered with their faces, to expensive concert tickets, girls have developed a fixation around the five boys.

“England gave us One Direction, and right now, One Direction is the hottest British boyband in the world,” sophomore Rebekah Gonzales said.

Despite the music, television, and fashion our neighbors from across the pond have provided us with, British people have fascinated Americans with their personal aspects as well.

“They have better manners, and respect people, women in particular, like Benedict Cumberbatch.They are uber polite, and that is because they were raised in private schools that have more values, which we don’t have here,” sophomore Alyssa Pena said. “They work together and respect each other, and overall are just very respectful people.”

Across the country, an infatuation with the British has given way, but the question that lingers on everyone’s minds is what makes British people and their culture so different from our own, and why has it attracted so many Americans?

“Part of the reason people in America like British people and their accents so much is because they are different from what we usually have everyday,” sophomore Annie Archer said.

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