Monograms Everywhere

by Kyndal Tillman | staff writer

When walking down the hallways of Johnson High, we notice little things about each other. Teenagers are practically

Foldersprogramed to do this. The biggest thing that stands out as people pass each day, is clothing. There’s no better way to let your clothes speak for you than monogrammed clothing. Clothing pieces can literally say whatever you want them to say.

“I think people wear monogrammed clothing because their clothes can literally say anything. Maybe it could say their name, favorite song, band, saying, or anything else. It is a cool idea to know that you can make your clothes your own,” junior Charley Mills said.

Not only can you pick any words you want, but also any pattern or design. There are many local monogrammed clothing stores or stores that provide monograms around this area.

“I actually didn’t get my monogrammed shirt from a monogramming store. I got mine from the beach– Port Aransas to be exact. Many people I have talked to have gotten theirs from the beach as well. I guess it was pretty popular in the summer, and it’s being carried into the fall. I’m not really big on fashion at all, but I do think that this ‘being able to control what your shirts say’ is pretty cool,” Mills said.

Monograms are beginning to pop up everywhere. It started at shirts, but is slowly turning into many other extravagant things. From monogrammed headbands to monogrammed vehicles, this trend just keeps on growing.

“I got my first monogrammed item about a year ago. I got it because everyone else was getting them, and it was really in. I thought it was super cute and interesting that you could monogram just about anything. Also, I love to personalize all of my stuff,” junior Caroline Zito said.

Like many other students, Zito loves her monogrammed items. She has many, but wants even more.

“In my opinion, it’s so popular because it’s really cheap and also really cute! I have so many monogrammed things. I have multiple shirts, a backpack, and multiple headbands. I even have a monogrammed fanny pack. Although I love monogramming things, there is a point in which it goes too far. For example, my fanny pack. And I guess it would be considered too far when somebody monograms their underwear, too,” Zito said.

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