Johnson coaches get their hands on new campus technology

by Mac Paquette | sports writer

New to the Johnson High School campus for the 2013-14 school year are iPads which are available to all teachers.  This begins the introduction of bringing more technology into the classrooms, or in this case, into the gyms as well.  The iPads have mostly been used for academic use in their short term here at Johnson, however several coaches have found ways to put the technology in the iPads to good use for their athletic team.

“Several other coaches and I attended a coaching clinic over the summer where we observed a significant amount of coaching tactics and tips be used through iPads, so we decided to try it out with our student-athletes,” coach Kayla Blucher said.

While many thought that the iPads would have a significant impact in the classroom, the effect they are having on the volleyball and softball teams are a surprise to many, including the coaches.

“I was surprised at what we all had access to and how it can be used as a legitimate coaching tool to help our kids,” coach Samantha Vaio said.

Johnson coaches set up iPads to record the game.
photo by Morgan Mendleson

While the little benefits of the new technology are taking the coaches by surprise, the main use for the iPads have been for film viewing and critiquing playing styles.

“Our main use has been film related, being able to show the players what to do, or how to correct a mistake has helped greatly, it also can give them a different point of view of how they are playing,” Blucher said.

Another more detailed use came from the softball side of the spectrum, assisting the batters swing and praising it, or looking for improvement.

“We have also been able to improve our softball players swings by showing them video and the angles that they are taking, it has been a big assistance to them as well,” Blucher said.

The iPads original intent for academic use has met teacher’s expectations, but the extra use in the athletic fields and courts have exceeded the coaches expectations and have been a great addition in all to Johnson high school.

“Although I haven’t used it yet, on game days I plan on showing video and other forms of media to prepare my kids for the game,” Blucher said.

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