Sperry’s were invented in 1935. They have been a huge trend even to this day.

By Kyndal Tillman | Staff Writer

Shoes are not just a means of keeping your feet covered, but a status symbol for the average teenager. Teens can have a shoe collection ranging from five to 65 pairs. But one most teens at Johnson High School have in common is Sperrys, otherwise known as “boat shoes.”

“I have two pairs of Sperry’s, but only one pair that I can actually wear. The other pair is way too small on me. I got my first pair when I was about five or six years old. I got them because we went out on our boat a lot, and my mom didn’t want me slipping and falling. Sperrys are no slip shoes, as well as very durable,” junior Krissy Morgan said.

Sperry’s aren’t only used because of their looks and durability, they are also a high school icon.

“I thinks Sperrys are so popular because they are so comfortable. Also because they are multi-purpose shoes. They’re water resistant, slip resistant, they’re comfortable, and they last a really long time. Not to mention, most of them are super cute. As for durability, they do pretty well depending on how you treat them. I personally am really rough with mine, and the pair I got three years ago are still in decent condition,” Morgan said.

Although Sperrys have many nice qualities, they aren’t for everyone. Every fashion trend eventually wears off.
“I got my Sperry’s in middle school because everyone else had them. Back in the day, I was a follower when it came to fashion trends. I don’t really like this type of shoe anymore because I don’t find them fashionable. They’re brown and plain, nothing special. I never wear them anymore,” junior Angie Torres said.

Even though Sperry’s might not be everyone’s taste, they cannot be doubted for their good qualities.
“Even though they aren’t exactly the best looking shoes, they definitely have some pros. They are very comfortable, and they are pretty strong shoes. I have had mine for almost five years now, and they are still in good condition. And I guess at Johnson, a lot of people own or rent boats, so Sperrys are a convenient shoe to have,” Torres said.

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Kyndal Tillman is a Junior at Johnson High School. This is her first year writing for The Pride. She enjoys writing, and her favorite subject is english. She wants to go to a four-year university and study elementary school education and become a teacher. Her hobbies include singing, and spending time with the people she can tolerate. She also enjoys eating cheese sticks while watching cheesy reality shows on MTV.

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