Students fuel Halloween spirit

 Jordan Herrera | staff writer

The 13th Floor, one of San Antonio's haunted houses
The 13th Floor, one of San Antonio’s haunted houses

October is here and as we near the spooky holiday, San Antonio grows with attractions and ghostly fun to fuel the halloween “spirit.” Every year dozens of haunted houses open their doors to terror and fright, leaving people scared, thrilled, and entertained.

Around this time of year Johnson students rush to “haunted” attractions to act a “ghoul.”

“Those places are scary,” junior Elidia Dominguez said “I freaked out and my whole group was about to cry, I just couldn’t do it.”

“I can’t even,” junior Alanis Quintero said. “I leave those freaked out, like last year when me and a few friends went to The 13th Floor, I left shaking.”

Despite the inevitable nightmares, Johnson students can’t seem to get enough of the scares.

“It’s probably my favorite part of halloween,” junior Sean Claire said, “Me and a few friends always go and it’s so much fun, we spend the night downtown and scream and it’s perfect.”

“I go every year. It’s a tradition in my house,” freshman Eric Morris said. “It pretty much is what halloween is about, and the spirit and the scares that should go along with this time of year. Everything about it is exciting, the thrill and fear make you feel incredible.”

With the wide variety of haunted houses throughout San Antonio, finding one might cause fright of it’s own.

“I don’t have a favorite haunted house,” freshman Hunter Griswold said. “They’re all awesome,  I mean there’s the ones that aren’t great, but they all have scares of their own. Every year we try a new one, last year it was The 13th Floor, and it was great. This year I think we’re going to a slaughterhouse that turned into a haunted house, and I can’t wait.”

With the nights of screams, laughs, and tears, haunted houses are a big part of Halloween to students, and San Antonio.

“I love Halloween, I love everything that goes along with it,” Griswold said. “It’s amazing that there is stuff like haunted houses to go along with everything. Halloween is my favorite, and I think we all like getting a little scared.”

Below is a list of some of the major haunted houses in San Antonio.

The 13th Floor  1203 E Commerce St

$20 general admission (Sun-Thurs) / $25 general admission (Fri-Sat)

San Antonio Slaughterhouse   1305 E.Houston Street

$18 general admission / $22 VIP Fastpass (skip the line)

Open until 11pm on weeknights / Open until 12am on weekend (Fri-Sat)

San Antonio Psycho Asylum

$15 general admission /$20 VIP Fastpass

Open from 7pm-11pm on weekdays / Open 7pm-12am on weekend (Fri-Sat)

Terror Mansion

$20 general admission

Open from 7pm-10pm (Thurs-Sun) / 7pm-12am (Fri-Sat)

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