German club delivers joy all over the world

Gloria Cueva|Staff Writer

As soon the package, filled with food and supplies, reach the soldiers, their eyes light up and a smile grows on their face. They may not know who sent it, but they know that each package is a gift from a supportive high school student across the pond.

“We are working on getting food and supplies from teachers and students to send to soldiers off on duty,” German club Officer Jordan Silva said.

The German club has been working endlessly to gather food and supplies to help veterans that are in foreign countries.

“Students from all levels of my German classes donated toiletry items and snacks and wrote letters to encourage our troops overseas. We will be sending between 6 to 8 large air mail boxes with all kinds of goodies to the young men and women in this squadron,” German teacher, Katherine Wilhem said.

German club is doing a fundraiser for the troops overseas

Wilhem came up with this idea, not because of personal experience, but because of the experience of a loved one.

“I became aware of this opportunity when I went out to Chicago to visit my friend on her son’s birthday. Zachary had just been deployed to the Middle East somewhere and I told her I’d like to be with her so she wouldn’t be alone,” Wilhem said.  “She was packaging boxes of items for the troops in Zach’s squadron, and I thought to myself that it would be a great opportunity for the German classes to participate. My German club officers came up with the idea to hold a donation drive and whichever class donated the most items would win a prize.  So, the competition ‘ Team Zach’ began.”

This project is a good way for everyone to show support. It is a way to get involved in the community and bring joy to fellow Americans all over the world.

“My dad has been sent overseas three times before, and he’s told me stories before about how the packages really brightened his squadron’s spirits,” Silva said. “So I really enjoy being part of this project.”

It also brings happiness to many of the teachers and adults helping with this project, because they know that they are relieving a fellow parent.

“It hits close to home for me, from a mother’s perspective of battling with the ‘unknown,’ as well as having a child not be home for the holidays,” Wilhem said. “So doing this project was a real honor.”

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