The 10 truths of high school

by Claire Carter | Editor-In-Chief

1. We don’t break out into musical dance numbers at lunch. But we ARE all in this together, trust me.

2. Getting detention will not make you look cool, and gain acceptance into ‘The Breakfast Club.’ Sadly, all you will get is weird looks from your friends when you tell them you’ll be missing that party due to Saturday School.
3. There is not an elite group on campus whom all worship and strive to become. As seen in ‘Mean Girls’ or any other chick flick, but not in the hallways of JHS.






4. Upon news of a parent-free household, students do not fill these houses hoping to make lasting memories they sadly won’t remember by morning. These are either highly infrequent or I haven’t been invited.

5. Junior year is when the college freak out begins.  Narrowing down colleges, college tours, SAT prep and tests, and don’t even get me started on picking a major.

6. Senior year is NOT a total blow off time to focus on summer plans and take a backseat to classwork. Dual credit and AP courses fill your schedule and prevent a slacker mindset the whole year, but saving money on college courses is definitely worth it.

7.Cafeteria food isn’t horrible.  The lunch ladies are really nice and not scary hair net wearing ladies serving up mystery meat.

8.Freshman year was actually fun.  As scared as I was going into freshman year, I made some of the greatest friends and got to experience the big world of high school without being shoved into a locker, along with most of my peers.

9. Popularity is not everything. Movies portray high school as one big party scene, where the cool kids are clearly divided from the rest. High school is full of groups of many different people, and the amount of friends you have does not determine your acceptance by other students.

10.You may go all four years without knowing where a certain classroom is, or who people are in your graduating class. Our school is so big you’ll be lost almost daily. And with the amount of kids we have you will have trouble putting a name to a face even after we leave.

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